IME Success With Determination of Twyla Garrett

A pioneer in Investment Management Industry and President of Investment Management Enterprise (IME) Inc, Twyla Garrett. She is an extraordinary entrepreneur, corporate speaker, and compelling author. Twyla Garrett has a diversity of work experience in business, technology, restaurant and lounge management. She is a serial entrepreneur with diverse business lines. Twyla has over 20 years of experience in program management, management consulting, design, development, test, and deployment of large-scale technology strategies. Twyla Garrett is from those women’s which not only dream about success worked for it. The strongest factor behind Twyla success is her self- esteem.
Twyla defines success in her own terms. Believing in herself is the key factor in her success. She set her goals high, worked for them and achieving them. She always focuses on her goal, doesn’t look in any direction. Twyla is an entrepreneur who managed risk and took chances to try new things. Twyla is successful businesswomen who inspire to achieve what we dream. She motivates with her innovative ideas, visionary thinking and teamwork abilities. Twyla Garrett is a perfect combination of dream and determination.
After graduating from Ursuline College with a degree in business administration, she joined DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service) as an accountant, During this same time, she had her own accounting business called Premier Tax and Accounting Service, where she provided book-keeping and accounting services for her clients. She has also worked as a foreign military sales case closure manager at SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare Center).
Twyla Garrett focuses on risk and behavioural factors that rewarded investors in the form of enhanced return over a market index. She started Investment Management Enterprise (IME) in 2000. IME consultancy is one the fastest growing staffing solutions companies. IME specializes in Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness, Management Consulting Services, Life Cycle Acquisition Support, Information Technology Support Services, Cyber Security & Computer Forensics, and Construction Program Management.
IME was profitable from the day it commenced. Twyla experience of different business lines helps IME to reach new heights. IME provides consulting services to various governmental departments, including the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It is a management consulting firm that is dedicated to providing the best solution for the problems faced by clients. IME delivers a non-traditional, innovative approach that solves existing problems while anticipating and mitigating new ones. At IME, success is measured by customers’ results – an approach that continues to be validated by those same customers today.
IME’s core capabilities evolve as the business environment changes. As a result, IME works with customers to clearly identify their strategic and tactical needs. We then utilize a proactive approach to seek the most cost-effective solutions.IME has successfully expanded to San Diego, California; Aiken, South Carolina; Sioux Falls; South Dakota; and now with a GLOBAL presence in London, England. IME provides quality services that help clients streamline their processes and embrace competitive advantages. IME is specialized in organizational/management consulting, acquisition support, business intelligence, project management, emergency preparedness, response, and recovery, and enterprise-scale agile software design and development. IME available to motivated private equity investors.
Twyla Garrett indomitable spirit has always driven business growth. Twyla collaborates with clients on a personal level and understands their requirements. Her competencies, leadership quality assist in managing complex projects, understand policy issues and their implications and develop abstract concepts. Twyla is proficient in management consulting, ERP, Homeland Security, Business Management, Strategy and Development, Customer Relationships. With all core key competencies of an Investment Manager, She is assisting IME team to reach success.

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